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There are other types of detectors which record bat calls so that they can be analysed afterward,

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Shock detectors can be mounted in sports helmets to help monitor impacts. A shock detector or

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Tags: Security Steel Mesh Screen Door | Exterior Security Double Steel Door | Door Frame Metal Detector Wikipedia | View larger image Exterior security

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Another common type are stationary "walk through" metal detectors used for security screening at access points in prisons, courthouses, and airports to

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The detectors would transmit their data via wired links to remote read-outs in stations, offices or

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Like other solid state X-ray detectors, silicon drift detectors measure the energy of an incoming photon by the amount of ionization it produces in the

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Professional testing crank sensor oscilloscope inductive transducer ppt wikipedia with good price US $4.5-7.4 / Piece 1 Piece (Min. Order) 4 YRS F&C

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Zulutrade wikipedia detectors forcer discording gatefolds cardias - Free download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read online for free. Zulu

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Product detectors can be designed to accept either IF or RF frequency inputs. A product detector which accepts an IF signal would be used as a

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Neutrino detectors are often built underground, to isolate the detector from cosmic rays and other back

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Amptek State-of-the-Art detectors deliver the best energy resolution, best efficiency at low energies,

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Phoswich detectors were developed to detect low-intensity, low-energy gamma rays, X-rays, as well as alpha and beta particles efficiently in a higher

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AM detectors cannot demodulate FM and PM signals because both have a constant amplitude. However an

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Tieri had subsequently devised detectors based on hysteresis, but none had become widely used due to

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Sf6 Gas Leak Detector Like Gauge , Find Complete Details about Sf6 Gas Leak Detector Like Gauge,Sf6 Gas Leak Detector Like Gauge from -

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2017119- As computer rooms could be quite large simple "point of use" detectors were not really appropriate although Point Sensors do have value whe

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200979- Rate-of-Rise (ROR) heat detectors operate on a rapid rise in element temperature of 6.7° to

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201449-[9] The detection limit for electron capture detectors is 5 femtograms per second (fg/s), and

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Schematic of an electron capture detector for a gas chromatograph with a 63Ni source. An electron capture detector (ECD) is a device for detecting atoms

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The GA15 SF6 is a fast response leak detector that is used to test leak tightness of SF6 filled compartments and for finding leakages on aged

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The biggest problem is our ignorance; some infrared detectors have an (automatic) detector window self

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The main advantages over other radiation detectors are the detailed information available on individual particles, the persistence of the tracks allowing